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Krajka K , Lauer W, Perkowski D, Markuszewski M, Matuszewski M Departament of Urology, Medical University in Gdan´sk, Poland Introduction: In last years we have been observing an increase of ... More 1. Introduction: The penile extender, a non-surgical device that employs progressive mechanical traction to the penis, has been claimed to produce significant improvement in penile length and circumference both in ... More
Penile Extender Device
 Penile Extender Device

Having considered a variety of curing methods available in the market about peline enhancement, extender device, by applying the
medical principle of “Traction”, proposes a comfortable, easy and harmless mechanism to cure
curvature of the penis, besides increasing of its size.
Golden Erect XL Device:
The solution that Golden Erect XL Device proposes is a natural, irreversible cure, based on production of
new cells (neovascularization). This method, which has been approved by Iran Urology Institution and
other centers, is an alternative for surgery and drug treatment.
Ronas Med, by employing the latest disciplines of medical instrument design and satisfying scrutinized
standards for application of Bio-compatible raw materials in medical instruments, has been approved by
Ministry of Health for manufacturing and distribution of Golden Erect XL.