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Krajka K , Lauer W, Perkowski D, Markuszewski M, Matuszewski M Departament of Urology, Medical University in Gdan´sk, Poland Introduction: In last years we have been observing an increase of ... More 1. Introduction: The penile extender, a non-surgical device that employs progressive mechanical traction to the penis, has been claimed to produce significant improvement in penile length and circumference both in ... More
 About Us
Ronas Teb is one of the pioneer producers of sexual rehabilitation devices, like penis enlargement instruments, vacuum erection pump, Kegel device for treatment of stress incontinence and Jelq devices. Ronas Teb has gained reputation as an active company for treatment of sexual disabilities in Iran. Running a team of Engineers and physicians, in closed collaboration with each other, has brought successful achievements in gaining distinguished share of market in Iran, besides the approvals of scientific, hygienic and qualitative standard authorities. Our products have been produced and distributed under the legal confirmation of Iranian ministry of health.

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